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FAST/ACCESS is a user-cordial CICS facility that enables users to prototype, build, load, search, display (in multiple views) and change databases supported on IBM Mainframes ranging in size from a few records to millions of records.

FAST/ACCESS may be used to develop new databases or use existing files. Each database may contain any number of records in any number of formats, thus allowing file sharing across applications. Existing applications vary widely -- from general ledger, to insurance policy master files, loan accounts, accounts payable, personnel, title information, document tracking, full text storage and retrieval, etc. Indexing can be applied to all or any part of the data to be stored and retrieved.

FAST/ACCESS is used effectively as a query/data entry supplement to existing applications, or for stand-alone systems with no interface to other applications.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Simple to use (create and update database definitions online)
[Bullet] Fast efficient retrieval for terminal viewing or report printing.
[Bullet] New applications and/or databases can be operational in a few hours - not days or weeks.

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